lundi 22 août 2011

The Background

To not to be completely lost in our blog, this is  short description of our situations today:

Buttercup: today in a new fresh relationship after spending four years as a single girl following a longer love story, works at a clothes store, loves to rearrange her room and to cook.Occasionally drinks too much beer.

Bubbles: Ended a long, ready-to-get-married relationship last year, which was followed by a tumultuous short fling that left her heartbroken. This ex, The Guy, is still not completely out of her life although a new interesting man is on sight. Works at a restaurant, enjoys the taste of single life although frequently feels too lonely for that. Spends her free time drinking long island ice teas in the summer nights with her colleagues or Buttercup and collectioning (and drinking) some nice wines to the cellar.

Most important persons in our lives:

The Guy: the ex that keeps racing Bubbles's heart every day. Had a couple of one-night stand with Buttercup a year ago.
The Roommate: The Guy's roommate that makes Bubbles and Buttercup laugh all night long. Bubbles have made out with him a few times and then slept with him which, for obvious reasons, put a strain between Bubbles and the Guy making them scream to each other on public.

The Husband: The new love interest of Bubbles. She wants to marry him in the future, hence the name. A boozy night ended up to a make-out session in the car.
The Barman: A friend of the Husband that introduced them to each other. Knows as well the Guy and the Roommate.

The Ricecup: Third girl living with Bubbles and Buttercup. In a long-distance relationship that has its highs and lows. Currently trying to stay away from alcohol after breaking her wrist when out with Bubbles.

The Geek: The ex of Buttercup who was often present in her life as a (close) friend and occasionally in her bed ever since he recently started to go out with her best friend.

The Boyfriend: The current boyfriend of Buttercup, recently started to go out and living the almost perfect lovestory.

Esmeralda: Bubbles' colleague that spends her time on phone or talking to the people next to her. A great fun, but Bubbles sometimes feels she is flirting too much with the men Bubbles is interested in.
Teacup: Another colleague of Bubbles. Living with her boyfriend but always ready to head for after-work coctails.

Blossom: used to live with Buttercup and Bubbles. Juggling between two boyfriends and trying to figure out the future. Buttercup and Bubbles wish her to come back and complete the crazy threesome.

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