mardi 23 août 2011

Just when you think

that it is really over.

A few moments ago I just said " I wanna be engaged". OMG. Me and Buttercup we are totally speechless. All this discussion was followed by a soirée, let me tell you how it went.

Me, Buttercup and the Chef ( who is, well, the chef in my restaurant, and was just dumped by his girlfriend) had a watermelon filled with vodka by the riverside. The next thing that happened, was in a bar that gathered us and The Guy and the Roommate. Fuck, I am so angry that the Guy left with the Girl, the one I have seen him with like, for a whole week, all the time, every day. I mean, I know they didn't exactly leave at the same time but cooooome on, how genius do you have to be??? I'm like following their conversations on Facebook. Ooh did I just confess that? Well it is only about photos. Like he could be her friend if he was not the serial fucker he is. Oooh my god, do I really now, when I am fighting about the privacy of the Guy with Buttercup, have to admit that well, I like he is a friend of mine? Or OK, I like him. OK, fuck, I totally hate him. OK, I am such a loser.

Have to go to sleep. We are both working tomorrow and our lives are spinning around like a crazy planet. Buttercup will update you tomorrow, Good Night!

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