vendredi 26 août 2011

Was it really me

Tonight we all had a bad night at the restaurant. It all obviously ended at me and Teacup getting drunk with wine in a pub with friends. I was wondering what the hell does it mean that the Husband is calling Esmeralda during the evening and Teacup confirmed that it is not an appropriate behavior on his behalf. Fuuuuck, fortunately we met an ex-colleague of hers that apparently is very shy and veeeery single. We consider sending him a message later on the week. Like why not.

In the same time I am kind of loosing the hope of ever conquering the Husband and totally unfortunately still thinking about the Guy. Thank God, Teacup made us to go some new places where I knew I wouldn't be seeing him. Is it still strange that I wanna share my big day with the Roommate? At least he makes me laugh.

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